I grew up in Evanston Illinois, spending many weekends on my Grandmother’s farm in DeKalb, Illinois, where I played with my brother, two sisters and cousins running in the corn fields, playing in the dairy barn and feeding milk to many kittens.  My grandmother was a water colorist who had attended the Chicago Art Institute.  She also raised flowers and had a floral business and greenhouse. I loved all the beauty of the flowers.

Summers were spent in a log cabin on a lake in Northern Wisconsin which my family built.  While building the cabin, we stayed in a trailer and tents in the woods.  I have fond memories of poring the cement footings, skinning logs and picking out the split rocks of beautiful patterns for the fireplace. The living was rustic with no electricity, outdoor plumbing and carrying water from the pump. We played with dolls in the woods, went swimming and had fun fishing.  It was wonderful to be so close to nature.

Spring vacations were spent on the white sand beaches of Florida’s West Coast.  I spent hours collecting shells.  I was fascinated by their patterns and structures.

In Graduate School, I studied and read books like “On Growth and Form”, Buckminster Fuller, The Golden Rectangle, Fibonacci Series, Logarithmic Spiral and the math that related to forms in nature.

All the above experiences have become the source and inspiration for my sculptures.